Fabrication and Manufacturing


Here are some of many different one-off projects that clients have wanted over the years. What can we build for you?

Carbon Fiber Manufacturing

In 2008 Jason Godsil set out to create a new line of carbon fiber under the line of Elite Carbon. Through many different manufacturers, Jason Godsil had to be "hands on" from the very beginning due to no composite companies being able to clear coat the parts that they built. From then on Jason figured out a great way to clear coat these parts using PPG Concept 2021 automotive clear. This is an expensive clear but does the job well and leaves a beautiful finish. Over the years Jason had to start doing more and more work until in late-09 he attended the Abaris Composite school in Reno, NV. Since then the mold making and carbon manufacturing has been brought in-house. When customers want carbon fiber parts made, we can build molds from an existing part or 3D print masters for the molds. We can then create the part and clear coat the parts we build. Depending on the part, we will build fixtures for drilling holes or 3D print attachment parts to create a full carbon fiber part, not an overlaid plastic part like our competitors do.

Urethane Casting

We can take your existing part or 3D print a master plug for you and urethane cast it for producing in rigid plastic or rubber.

Plastic Manufacturing

We are currently working with Exotica Motorsports to build clear and smoked side reflectors for all Ferrari models from 2005-newer. We molded the lenses and backing plates from new Ferrari units after the lettering and any other casting marks were removed and polished. These reflectors will fit and look like the factory units except for the fact that they will be clear or smoked.

Porsche 914 factory replacement signal lenses and Seaquest roto cast parts for another client.

Alloy Manufacturing

We manufactured these Ferrari F430 exhaust tips for Exotica Motorsports. They are a 304 polished stainless exhaust tip that slipped on over the factry exhaust. We engineered them to slip on and drilled and tapped holes in the bottom to install set screws. These were a few minute installation that was non-permanent for the Ferrari owners. Somewhere around 500 sets were created. We have the ability to manufacturer alloy parts and have access to CNC machines to get the work done.