3D Engineering

Mars Exploration Rover

We were contracted to create the Mars Exploration Rover in CAD. The job consisted of creating a full size model ofthe real Mars rover but redesign it to be able to be built using off the shelf products, hand built parts and 3D printed parts. The customer didn't have huge funds to create an exact copy so we were to reengineer the CAD model to look like the real thing and be able to be built to be showcased in a museum without the ability to cast steel parts like the real thing. Every item was created in CAD to interact with everything else. All bolt holes and joints were figured out to allow the builders to hand build parts or use our files to 3D print parts that would fit exactly as we designed them to.

Godsil Manhattan

The largest project we have started is the Godsil Manhattan. This car will be completely designed and engineered with the Panoz chassis as a base platform. We will also be creating the scratch built DOHC Godsil V16. We have to design and engineer everything from the engine, components, cooling and oiling systems, exhaust system etc. All the interior and exterior will be done by our sister division, Godsil Design.

Viper Gas Cap

This is a small project we did a while back. The Dodge Viper has a clear coated polished gas cap that uses grey plastic hinges. These hinges and attachment points are a one time use only. They can not be removed and reinstalled again so we recreated the parts in CAD and 3D printed them in black, then sanded and polished them to reinstall.